SC131, v1.0, PCB

SC131 is a pocket-sized Z180 computer.

Part numberLinks
Tindie: SC131PCB only
Tindie: SC131Complete kit
EasyEDA: SC131PCB design files
Gerbers: SC131Gerber files (main)
Gerbers: SC131Gerber files (front: Elite)
Gerbers: SC131Gerber files (front: GHz)
Gerbers: SC131Gerber files (back panel)

In addition to the main PCB, the cased SC131 has front and back panels made from printed circuit board material. These are available in a range of colours and with a choice of logos. As the designs are available at you can easily produce custom panels with you own legend.

Front panel: Elite
Front panel: 0.018 GHz
Back panel: Standard

Homebrew 8-bit retro computing