SC108 – Z80 CPU, RAM & ROM module for RC2014

A space saving module combining CPU, RAM, ROM, clock and reset on a single board designed for RC2014.

This module houses everything you need to run a basic RC2014 system, except for a serial module and backplane.


The main features of this module are:

  • Z80 CPU
  • 128k bytes RAM (second 64k not easy to use!)
  • 32k bytes ROM
  • Oscillator 7.3728 MHz
  • Reset (using DS1233-5)
  • Software compatible with standard RC2014 modules
  • Runs Small Computer Monitor v1.0 configuration R3
  • Add serial module (SIO or 68B50) for Monitor and BASIC
  • Add Compact Flash module for CP/M
  • Indicator to show if ROM or RAM is paged in


Documentation, including assembly details:
SC108 v1.0 – User guide – e1.0.0 (PDF)


Download Schematic:
SC108 v1.0 – Schematic (pdf)

SC108 v1.0 Z80 CPU RAM ROM image top blue

You can purchase this printed circuit board from Tindie orĀ EasyEDA. Alternatively you can download the Gerber file from EasyEDA and send it to your preferred PCB fabricator.