SC116 – 3-slot Backplane for RC2014

Why have a huge backplane when a minimal RC2014 system can be built with only a couple of modules. With three modules you can build a CP/M system.

This backplane is ideal for a minimal RC2014 system and lends itself to being used in a small enclosed system.

SC116 v1.0 Assembled


  • 3 x RC2014/80 pin module sockets
  • Power supply input
  • Very small size

SC116 v1.0 In use 2

Documentation, including assembly details:
SC116 v1.0 User Guide (PDF)


Download Schematic:
SC116 v1.0 Schematic (PDF)

You can purchase this printed circuit board from Tindie orĀ EasyEDA. Alternatively you can download the Gerber file from EasyEDA and send it to your preferred PCB fabricator.


  • This design is made in accordance with the “designed for RC2014” labelling scheme.
  • RC2014 is a trademark of RFC2795 Ltd.
  • This product is designed for hobby use and is not suitable for industrial, commercial or safety critical applications.


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