LiNC80 System

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a pre-release LiNC80 SBC1 for software development.

Production kits are now available, as illustrated below.


The LiNC80 SBC1 is an expandable single board computer. Even without any expansion the SBC1 is a well specified retro computer. It includes a Z80 processor, 64k ROM divided into four software selectable banks, 64k RAM, two serial ports via a Z80 SIO, two parallel ports via a Z80 PIO, software selectable baud rates and timers via a Z80 CTC, an 8-bit IDE interface for connecting a Compact Flash module, and full support for Z80 mode 2 interrupts. In addition to all these features it has an expansion bus, with optional modules including a backplane and an adaptor for RC2014 boards. The system is well documented and is supplied as a kit with a detailed assembly guide online.

Details of the LiNC80 system can be found here.

My pre-release system is shown below.


My set up runs CP/M, but is mainly used as a software development platform for the Small Computer Monitor and associated software.

The Small Computer Monitor supports the LiNC80 SBC1, with the standard ROM including BASIC and a CP/M loader.

One thought on “LiNC80 System”

  1. Thank you very much for sending me the board so promptly. I took my time assembling it and it works very well. It is an excellent design and I hope to have a lot of fun re-living some CP/M memories for some time.

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