Some of my designs are available as a kit of parts. Unless otherwise stated, everything is included, except tools, solder, batteries and cleaning materials.

Some components, spares and accessories are available here, including programmed ROMs.

Kits designed for RC2014 bus

These kits are compliant with the RC2014 specification. The modules listed here all work with BP80 backplanes (below).

Kits designed for BP80 bus

Backplane 80 (BP80) is an RC2014 bus extended to 80-pins, with pins 40 and 80 forming a Z80 mode 2 interrupt daisy chain. Official RC2014 modules work with BP80 backplanes, but BP80 modules do not work with RC2014 backplanes as they require the extra pins.

Kits designed for Z50Bus

These kits are compliant with the Z50Bus specification.

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