Firmware, RomWBW, sc131

This configuration is specifically for the SC131, pocket-sized Z180 computer.

The latest release of this Firmware is detailed in the table below.

NameWayne Warthen’s RomWBW
Release v3.0, 2020-03-27
DownloadSC131 RomWBW SCZ180_131 2020-03-27
Device Programming:
Code size512k bytes
Checksum02D7 0DF4 (MiniPro 6.6, SST39SF040)
Recommended ICSST39SF040-70
Core Components:
HBIOSVersion 3.0, 2020-03-27
Included Apps:
– CamelForthVersion 1.02
– CP/MVersion 2.2, CBIOS v3.0 [WBW]
– MonitorVersion unknown
– NASCOM BASICVersion 4.7b
– Tasty BASICVersion unknown
– Z-SystemVersion 1.1, CBIOS v3.0 [WBW]

The firmware is supplied (above) as a binary format file, which is suitable for use by most PROM programmers.

RomWBW’s documentation can be found here.

The very latest version, source code and documentation for RomWBW can be found here.

Supported Devices

  • SC131 pocket-sized Z180 computer
    • Z180 CPU (eg. Z8S180xx)
    • Z180’s asynchronous serial ports
    • Status LEDs at 0x0E
    • SD card at 0x0C

SC131 does not have an accessible expansion bus so no additional devices are supported.

Release Notes

The Z180’s internal I/O is set to the range 0xC0 to 0xFF.

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