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Components Used

Modular Backplanes

RC2014 Information

SC101 – Z80 SBC

SC102 – Z80 CTC module for RC2014

SC103 – Z80 PIO module for RC2014

SC104 – Z80 SIO/2 module for RC2014

SC105 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC106 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC107 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC108 – Z80 CPU, RAM & ROM module for RC2014

SC110 – Z80 SIO/2 & CTC module for RC2014

SC112 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC113 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC114 – Z80 Motherboard for RC2014

SC115 – Prototyping Breakout module for RC2014

SC116 – 3-slot Backplane for RC2014

SC117 – Prototyping Breakout card for Z50Bus

Small Computer Monitor v1.0

2 thoughts on “Documentation”

  1. hi steve
    im looking for some information on your z80 motherboard project SC114
    ive had some pcbs made up and was wondering is this a stand alone unit or is this a plug in rc2014 module..

    1. Hi Kim
      Sorry, documentation for SC114 is not available yet. It is a motherboard, along the same lines as a PC motherboard. It contains the CPU, RAM, ROM and Clock, plus four RC2014 standard sockets. One of the sockets is horizontal to allow further expansion using a modular backplane section, such as SC113.
      There is some information, including a photo of a complete board, and also some discussion here:!searchin/rc2014-z80/simpler$20rc2014%7Csort:date/rc2014-z80/v_uBQ112tF8/MRG73FnrBAAJ
      There is a special version of the Small Computer Monitor for this board. This is configuration S2 and is available as part of the Small Computer Workshop download.

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