Documentation – the often overlooked part of a project! Online Assembler

Tutorial e1.0.0 (PDF)

Modular Backplanes

Specification v0.4 (PDF)

RC2014 Information

Module Information – updated 2018-09-19 (XLS)

SC101 – Z80 SBC

SC101 – Description (PDF)
SC101 – Parts List (PDF)
SC101 – Schematic (PDF)

SC102 – Z80 CTC module for RC2014

SC102 – Schematic v1.1 (PDF)
SC102 – User Guide e1.1.1 (PDF)

SC103 – Z80 PIO module for RC2014

SC103 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC103 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC104 – Z80 SIO/2 module for RC2014

SC104 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC104 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC105 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC105 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC105 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC106 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC106 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC106 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC107 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC107 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC107 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC108 – Z80 CPU, RAM & ROM module for RC2014

SC108 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC108 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC110 – Z80 SIO/2 & CTC module for RC2014

SC110 – Schematic v1.1 (PDF)
SC110 – User Guide e1.1.0 (PDF)

SC112 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC112 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)
SC112 – User Guide e1.0.1 (PDF)

SC113 – Modular Backplane for RC2014

SC113 – Schematic v1.1 (PDF)
SC113 – User Guide e1.1.0 (PDF)

SC114 – Z80 Motherboard for RC2014

SC114 – Schematic_v1.0 (PDF)
SC114 – Assembly Guide e1-0-0 (PDF)
SC114 – User Guide e1-0-0 (PDF)

SC115 – Prototyping Breakout module for RC2014

SC115 – Schematic r1.0.0 (PDF)
SC115 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC116 – 3-slot Backplane for RC2014

SC116 – Schematic r1.0.0 (PDF)
SC116 – User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC117 – Prototyping Breakout card for Z50Bus

SC117 v1.0 Schematic r1.0.0 (PDF)
SC117 v1.0 User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)

SC Monitor v1.0

Installation e1.0.0 (PDF)
Reference Sheet e1.0.0 (PDF)
Tutorial e1.0.0 (PDF)
User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)


2 thoughts on “Documentation”

  1. hi steve
    im looking for some information on your z80 motherboard project SC114
    ive had some pcbs made up and was wondering is this a stand alone unit or is this a plug in rc2014 module..

    1. Hi Kim
      Sorry, documentation for SC114 is not available yet. It is a motherboard, along the same lines as a PC motherboard. It contains the CPU, RAM, ROM and Clock, plus four RC2014 standard sockets. One of the sockets is horizontal to allow further expansion using a modular backplane section, such as SC113.
      There is some information, including a photo of a complete board, and also some discussion here:!searchin/rc2014-z80/simpler$20rc2014%7Csort:date/rc2014-z80/v_uBQ112tF8/MRG73FnrBAAJ
      There is a special version of the Small Computer Monitor for this board. This is configuration S2 and is available as part of the Small Computer Workshop download.

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