Z80 Motherboard

SC114 is an easy to build Z80 Motherboard with RC2014 compatible expansion sockets.

SC114 Assembled 2

The circuit board is available at EasyEDA.com and should be live on Tindie in a few days.


2 thoughts on “Z80 Motherboard”

  1. Hello

    Is the bitbanging 9600 serial port depending on the 7.3728 MHz clock (internal small motir timing) or would it be possible to replace it with something faster?
    I am asking because modifing the RC2014Mini with a faster clock was easy, as long as the 68B50 is getting the 115200*64 (7.3728) clock.


    1. The bit rate is dependent on the processor clock speed, so if you double the clock speed you should get 19200 baud. The only other thing I can think of that is dependent on the clock speed is the software timer for handling idle events, but this is not used for anything important so it is no big deal to have it run fast. The idea of this design is to get a basic system up and running with the least risk of assembly problems. The bit-bang port is really just to enable that basic operation. It is anticipated that you would add a serial port module for serious use.

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