Z80 Processor module

Slot saving module up and running.

This is my Z80 Processor module for the RC2014.

SC108 v1.0 Z80 CPU RAM ROM image top blue

This module includes a Z80 CPU, RAM, ROM, clock and reset. Just add a serial module for a basic RC2014 system.

Click here for more details.



3 thoughts on “Z80 Processor module”

  1. hi Stephen just a quick question, when you assemble the rom then write the intel.hex file to the rom then install the rom into the module and nothing no boot.
    ive tried the sio/2 and the 68b50 serial modules. I am at a loss I know that the module is not malfunctioning. so its probably me doing something wrong. can you compile the rom and mail the hex file to me its the RC2014 32krom 64k ram r3 sio/2.
    many thanks

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